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What is ASP EIA Kit?

Domoic acerbic (DA) and DA derivatives are water-soluble neurotoxins produced by a amount of abyssal algae, in accurate those of the brand Pseudo-nitzschia. Blooms of Pseudo-nitzschia may advance to the accession of DA in mollusk clarify feeders and added abyssal species. Ingestion of DA-contaminated mollusk causes absent mollusk contagion (ASP) and has been affiliated to the afterlife of beastly and animal consumers in astringent cases. The European Commission Directive 2002/226/EC has implemented a best acceptable akin (MPL) of 20 mg DA/kg mollusk beef advised for animal consumption, and this akin has been adopted by authoritative authorities in a lot of added countries. The ASP EIA Kit is specific for DA with no cross-reactivity to non-toxic, structural analogues like kainic acid, L-glutamic acid, L-glutamine, formimino-L-glutamic acid, proline or γ-aminobutyric acerbic (GABA). The appraisal is primarily advised for use in accepted ecology of DA levels in bivalve molluscs to accede with the authoritative MPL, but is aswell applicative for DA altitude in added abyssal matrices.