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Arsenic pentoxide

CAS: 1303-28-2
Molecular Formula: As4O10
Molecular Weight: 459.6804
Product description:It will break down at high temperature is the best way to lose oxygen with arsenic acid dehydration was prepared. Arsenic pentoxide in absorption of moisture in the air, soluble in water (20 ℃ when 100 g) per 100 g water dissolved. It is different from phosphorus pentoxide, on the thermal instability, melting point (300 ℃) or lose oxygen into arsenic trioxide. It is a strong oxidizer, able to sulfur dioxide oxidation of sulfur trioxide.1. Preparation of arsenate. Made of colored glass. Metal adhesive. Wood preservation. Fungicides. 2. Used in medicine, pesticides, metal bonding agent, colored glass, etc.

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