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Boron trichloride

CAS: 10294-34-5
Molecular Formula: BCl3
Molecular Weight: 117.17
Product description:Colorless transparent liquid with strong smell. Relative density 1.349 ℃ (11). The melting temperature of 107.3 ℃. Boiling point 12.5 ℃. Broken down to generate hydrogen chloride and boric acid, under the influence of water and release a lot of heat, the smoke generated by hydrolysis in the moist air. Boron trichloride response ability is stronger, can form a variety of coordination compounds, has high thermodynamic stability, but under the effect of discharge, can break down to form low boron chloride. In the atmosphere, boron trichloride heating can react and glass, ceramics, also can form a variety of organic boron compounds and many organic reactions.With catalyst could be used in the manufacture of high purity boron, organic synthesis and decomposition of silicate flux, boride on steel. Can also be used to manufacture of boron nitride and borane compound.

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