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CAS: 81777-89-1
Molecular Formula: C12H14ClNO2
Molecular Weight: 239.7
Product description:Widely consumed spirit for selective before seedling herbicide, absorbed by plant roots, germ, conducting upwards, the xylem spread to leaf, inhibition of sensitive plant of the synthesis of chlorophyll and carotene. Form the albino, death in a short time. Holding period is long, wide out the spirit in the soil biological activity more than 6 months, but in the recommended doses, crop after selective arrangement, avoid the adr.1. Apply soy, sugar cane, potatoes, peanuts, tobacco, rice, rapeseed and other crops. 2. Can control weed, green bristlegrass, digitaria, setaria glauca, eleusine indica, morel, Chinese mosla herb, water thorn needle, purslane, abutilon, small wild watermelon seedlings, quinoa, quinoa, fixing blue, willow thorn smartweed, sorrel leaf smartweed, duck plantar grass, wool glandularstalk st.paulswortherb/common st.paulswort, Wolf, grass, ghost needle grass, xanthium sibiricum, ragweed and other annual gramineae and broad-leaved weeds. The perennial cephalanoplos, thistle, endives, horsetail, etc. Have strong inhibition.

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