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Iron (III) oxide monohydrate

CAS: 51274-00-1
Molecular Formula:Fe2O3·H2O
Molecular Weight: 177.71
Product description:Lemon yellow to brown powder. Grain is exquisite, is the crystal of iron oxide hydrate. Density of 4.0 g/cm3, has the good tinting strength, hiding power and light resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance and heat resistance. Insoluble in water, alcohol, soluble in acid. Due to different production methods and operating conditions, the crystal structure and physical properties vary greatly. Heated to above 150 oc starts to break down out of the water of crystallization, turning red.Mainly used for coating, plastic, rubber, cement, construction parts surface shading yellow inorganic pigments. Widely used in artificial marble, terrazzo, rubber color. Also used in the manufacture of watercolor, paint, paint and architectural coatings. Can also be used to make iron oxide series pigments intermediate, such as the preparation of iron oxide red, iron oxide black.

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