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Iron dextran

CAS: 9004-66-4
Molecular Formula: [C6H10O3]n[Fe(OH)3]m
Molecular Weight: 0
Product description:Antianemic. Iron as the main composition of hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin is mainly in red blood cells carry oxygen. Department of myoglobin muscle cells of oxygen storage site, oxygen needs to help the muscle movement. Most of the enzymes related to the three carboxy cycle are iron, or only exist in iron can play a role. So after active complement iron agent in patients with iron deficiency, in addition to the hemoglobin synthesis of acceleration, and the activity of iron deficiency and iron decreased related symptoms such as growth retardation, abnormal operation, lack of physical strength, organization change and nail skin mucosal lesions can also gradually corrected.

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