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Lead oxide

CAS: 1317-36-8
Molecular Formula: PbO
Molecular Weight: 223.2
Product description:
1. Used in the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic stabilizer. Is the raw material of other lead salts. Lead in the paint industry and oil made from soap, paint the desiccating agent. 
2. Used in the manufacture of high refractive index of optical glass, ceramic glaze, precision machine tool plane grinding agent, is medical raw materials, rubber colorants. Also used for battery plate manufacturing, oil refining, etc. 
3. Used for vacuum tube, tube, optical glass and the X-ray of lead glass and anti-radiation rubber products. 
4. Used for chemical analysis, such as the determination of gold and silver, and the precipitation of amino acids. Metallurgical flux, paint dryer. Also used for glass and rubber industry. Can mix with glycerol generated hard thing, as the adhesive. 
5. Lead oxide is used in the preparation of soluble lead plating and the alloy of lead salt, such as the preparation of the fluoboric acid lead. 
6. Used as pigments, metallurgical flux, paint dryer, rubber vulcanization accelerator, pesticides, etc.

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